Our tailor-designed travels in Ecuador & Galápagos

Ecuador is a mandatory stopover for any “adventurous” traveler. Culture and physical activity go hand in hand. Take part in a trek and discover – at the same time-pre-Columbian sites, admire the Ecuadorian Andes’s breathtaking landscapes. Traveling to Ecuador allows you to, in particular, practice water activities, such as diving, snorkeling, and rafting. Our travel agency specialist in the Andes, Galapagos, and Amazonia brings you the best of Ecuador. Discover all the possibilities available to you during your trip to Ecuador and don’t miss our outdoor adventures!

In Ecuador, cultural tours are a must in your program, and for this, the Andes region is an exceptional playground. Among colonial cities, Inca sites, beautiful churches, museums, an much more ITK sets up amazing voyages and programs across the highlands Ecuador.

Country for trekking, Ecuador and its magnificent and colorful landscapes, lagoons, snow-capped peaks andof course, volcanoes will charm you. Accompanied by an experienced and specialized guide, We create fantastic trekkings in wild and little-visited places of the country.


With peaks reaching over 5,500 meters -on average-, Ecuador is a land of Andinism. The Chimborazo (6310m), the Cotopaxi (5890m), or the Cayambe (5790m) are some of the volcanoes ITK travel agency includes during Ecuador travels. Stay in the high mountains.

The Andes is an ideal playground for any nature or thrilling sports lover. Tena, Baños, and Mindo regions are very famous for their rafting trips & sports tourism in magnificent settings. It is possible to plan a very dynamic and sporty trip to Ecuador, taking full advantage of each region of the country.


Ecuador offers two dive sites out of the ordinary: the Galapagos Islands with its marvelous spots and, on the mainland, the Machalilla National Park -and in particular Puerto Lopez-. ITK Voyage relies on these incredible sites to provide you with unforgettable diving tours.

ITK voyage offers mountain biking days in the Cotopaxi National Park or other reserves during your stay in the country. Tours of several hours are possible in order to well discover these magnificent National parks and nature reserves -the Antisana reserve or the Baños region-.


In the course of your stay in the country ITK Voyage Ecuador organizes 1 to 6-hour horse-ride excursions/treks in the Cotopaxi National Park and Baños spa-town.