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Location : 5 hours to the south of Quito. 1 hour from Riobamba City.
Altitude : Ranges from 10.496 ft (3200m ) to 20.696 ft (6310m).
Weather : Ranges from 0 to 10 degree Celsius. Drops down to -30 degree Celsius at the top of Chimborazo.
Area : 58.506 hectares
Creation date : 1987
Accessibility : With ease, by car or bus. A guide with the reserve’s license is required to enter the premises.

Description of the Chimborazo Reserve

The Chimborazo reserve was created in three different provinces, namely Chimborazo, Tungurahua, and Bolivar, and is home to the highest peak in Ecuador: the Chimborazo volcano (6310m). Populated by vicuñas that live on its heights, alpacas, guanacos, and llamas, the Chimborazo reserve remains extremely wild. You will observe typical paramo landscapes (highlands of the Andes) with tall grasses and chuquiraguas (Andinista plant).
Indian communities are omnipresent; indeed, it has 38. In addition to observing these magnificent Andean landscapes, we strongly advise you to meet one of these communities to understand their traditions and customs.

Activities in the Chimborazo Reserve

Trekking and hiking

– Chimborazo 360 trek (3/4 days of walking)
– Ascent to the Whymper refuge that is located at an altitude of 16.400 ft (5000m – 40mn walk). Possibility of going up to the glacier at the Whymper needles, which is located at 17.548 ft (5350m – 2 hours of additional walk).
– Hike with the last hielero (Chimborazo ice breaker). You will go up to the glacier by another road (5 hours walk).

: Accessible to everyone

: Regular walker

: Regular athlete

Ascents in the Chimborazo Reserve

Chimborazo volcano 20.697 ft (6310m): Although technically it’s easy, the Chimborazo volcano ascent is physically quite difficult. You will have to be in very good physical condition, and a gradual acclimatisation period is essential. We advise you to attempt the Chimborazo ascent only after having successfully ascended the Cotopaxi volcano and/or the Cayambe volcano.

Equipment needed : Mountaineer’s clothing, crampon shoes, crampons, harness, ice axe, and helmet.
Guide : essential.

Carihuairazo volcano 16.780 ft (5116m): Located to the north of Chimborazo volcano, the Caihuairazo is accessible to all who have undergone a good acclimatisation period. However, it will be necessary to bring good clothes and specific equipment since the weather conditions are often bad. The summit is covered in snow most of the year.

Equipment needed : Mountaineer’s clothing, crampon shoes, crampons, harness, ice axe, and helmet.
Guide : essential.

: Easy ascent
: Moderate ascent

: Difficult ascent

Other activities :

– Meeting with Indian communities
– Horseback riding
– Mountain Biking