Monday, November 14, 2022

+ Current COVID 19 Regulations upon entry Ecuador (from October 20th, 2022)

– Ecuador no longer requires international travelers neither a Negative PCR Test nor COVID-19 vaccination cards. This measure entered into effect on October 20th, 2022. However, we strongly recommend taking with you your vaccination card since some health screening procedures may take place in some airports and other ports of entry, under some circumstances.
– Ecuador’s Ministry of Public discontinued the practice of RANDOM COVID-19 testing for international travelers, however, if airlines or airport staff observe a traveler with symptoms he/she may be referred to the authority for testing.
– In case of a positive while in Ecuador, a 5 days quarantine will be recommended and then the use of a mask in public spaces, if you continue to exhibit symptoms. (travelers can quarantine in any accommodation of their choice and at their expense)

The Ministry of public health requires international travelers to present a Health Declaration. This is a form you will have to fill up prior to entering the country. Form available here. Have a look at the authorities resolution.


+ Special, additional entry requirements for the Galápagos Islands (from October 20th, 2022)

– The same measures are currently applied to the Galapagos Islands. However, travelers are still required to present a “transit control card” issued by the Government of Galapagos. Guidance on registering for a “transit control card” is available here.
Contact us for more information on this requirement.

+ Notes:

– A list of licensed laboratories are authorized to perform RT-PRC and rapid antigen tests, contact us for more information.
– For any person who has contracted Covid-19 and, therefore, has not received the full doses provided for by the vaccination schedule, proof of contamination by Covid-19 may be requested by the local authorities in addition to the certificate of vaccination.
– We recommend that travelers take out “health” travel insurance.
– Ecuador DOES NOT have a current curfew.

ITK Voyage Ecuador is constantly renewing and strengthening our commitment to our travelers, guaranteeing everyone a completely safe and undisturbed stay in Ecuador by respecting on-site new health protocols and adapting ourselves to authorities regulations. We aim to allow you to fully enjoy the natural and human treasures of this beautiful little South American country.

The latest about COVID 19 in Ecuador

We keep you posted about the evolution and the country situation regarding COVID 19.