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Visit the United States, United Kingdom, & Australian Embassy web pages to find additional information for the smooth running of your stay in Ecuador. Also, you will find essential details regarding legal affairs and documents (visas, passports, etc…) prior to entering Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands.


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We partner with Galapeos Cruises platform which is one of the most effective traders when it comes to Galápagos Cruises and last minute Cruise reservations in real time and with the best rate.

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CORDUTCH is a community association serving and supporting small businesses, such as indigenous communities that work offering tourist services in the region of Chimborazo (Volcano, and surroundings).

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Based in Quito, Tierra de Fuego began its activities approximately a decade ago From domestic to international flights and last-minute Galapagos cruise confirmations to Ecuador travel information at any time.

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Ecuador Turismo is an internet website created by the Ecuadorian Tourism Ministry with the aim of promoting Ecuador as a touristic destination. You will find valuable information about places and activities.