Discover our exclusive selection of hotels, haciendas & lodges in Ecuador

ITK Voyage Ecuador specializes in tailor-made all inclusive Ecuador and Galapagos holidays. We adapt our Ecuador private tours to your desires, your requirements, and also your possibilities. In addition, the ITK team is convinced that creating a tailor-made programs in Ecuador provides an optimal experience for our travelers.

We have created a few tours that will inspire you! You will find different categories of programs for your Ecuador holiday packages with different themes, durations, and contents. You can book one of our “Authentic or Thematic” tours and mold it to your liking following the customization with future exchanges and our in-depth knowledge of Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands.

Across the four regions -Amazon Rainforest, The andes, Pacific coast and Galapagos- of our small yet magnificent and biodiverse country, we will make of your Ecuador travel a one of a lifetime experience!


Get inspired by our classics. We offer ideas for your trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos around ancient and contemporary culture, its environment and heritage.


For our passionate travelers, hikers, bikers, divers, photography or gastronomy lovers, biologists, or vulcanologists,…our thematic tours are perfect for you!


For our Galapagos lovers we have created several custom-built island-hopping tours across the enchanted islands. Have a look at them and let’s start customizing it.