The Amazon Rainforest is a world set apart. When it comes to “adventures and expeditions to the heart of the Amazon” tours ITK Voyage is in its playground. From the primary (Yasuní National Park & Cuaybeno Reserve) to the secondary (Tena, Misahuallí, Baños, & Puyo) we have traveled and continue traveling and discovering this fantastic Ecuador region.

Immersed in the dominant nature and surrounded by the omnipresent singing of the forest, our selection of Lodges, authentic Amazonian indigenous communities, and charming hotels will offer you a very comfortable stay. You will undertake fantastic canoe expeditions and hikes along the amazonian rivers and paths. While discovering indigenous communities’ settlements you will observe rich wildlife that blends in with the thick vegetation.

Either primary or secondary, the Amazon Rainforest is a must during your stay in Ecuador. Discover it during an expedition to the heart of the Yasuní Park or Cuyabeno Reserve; or take part in an adventurous experience in the region of Baños, Tena, or Misahuallí.


Embark on an unforgettable journey into the Cuyabeno Reserve, one of the most emblematic and pristine protected areas in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Ideal for nature lovers, this tailor-made adventure will let you discover diverse wildlife while taking part in immersive experiences.


At ITK Voyage, we are proud to offer our travelers one of the most adventurous tours in the Amazon Region of Ecuador. This is truly a quest for the discovery of the Amazonian communities. Along lovely rivers and challenging trails, you will experience fascinating encounters and enriching exchanges along the way!



Without compromising on comfort, you will discover the vibrant and captivating world of the Amazon rainforest. While staying in one of the most charming lodges in South America (the Napo Wildlife Lodge) you will undertake once-in-a-lifetime expeditions along the forest rivers & trails of the Yasuní National Park.


A journey of-a-lifetime awaits you in the Secondary Amazon Rainforest. From the enchanting spa town of Baños to the lively Tena & Misahiallí you will take part in adventurous activities that will leave an indelible mark in your memory. From beginning to end this visit will be quite an odyssey!



Prepare yourself to embark on an adventure to another world! While staying in a charming lodge travelers will take part in adventurous activities surrounded by the vibrant and diverse wildlife of the Amazon. Get ready to discover a world full of surprises, discoveries, and encounters.


Experience the thrill of navigating through the twists and turns of the Amazon rivers. We offer incredible rafting adventures. Whether you are an experienced rafter or a first-timer this tour is perfect for anyone looking for adrenaline amidst the stunning natural surroundings of the Secondary Amazon Rainforest.



Uncover the mysteries of the Amazon. This authentic adventure promises a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a world unlike any other and discover a new way of life. Deep in the heart of the Yasuní Park, undertake this fantastic journey and witness the culture and identity of this enigmatic indigenous community.