Our Exclusive hotel-selection on the Coast

After a few days in the Andes or in the Amazon, we offer you a short stay on the Pacific coast.To discover the Ecuador Pacific coast and its treasures, the ITK agency has selected several charming resorts for you: Puerto Lopez, Puerto Cayo, Santa Marianita, Mompiche, Canoa, and Montañita.

Each station has its own identity. Whatever your expectations, you will find what you are looking for: accessible-to-all-level diving experiences, surfing (and learning courses), whale watching,new cultures discovering, or simply relaxing in this idyllic setting. You will experience many magical moments that will make your trip to Ecuador unforgettable.


On the Pacific coast, many activities are available to you during your stay in Ecuador. Let’s start with Puerto Lopez, which offers several sites where it is possible to observe an impressive marine fauna. Isla de La Plata remains the place of choice for diving in Ecuador , for both amateurs and experienced people.


Montañita, Canoa, and Mompiche represent three very popular spots for surfing during your trip to Ecuador .In Canoa, some international competitions are organized in high seasons – between December and February- when the waves reach 2 meters.

Montañita offers good waves all year round but especially from December to May. The more experienced can surf the Punta , a straight line at the northern end of the beach which shows waves of 2 to 3 meters – good swell-. As for Mompiche, it is an exceptional stopover that you will discover in strong swells during your surfing in Ecuador stay.

Humpback Whales Observation - Isla de La Plata

La Plata Island is one of the must-see places to visit during your trip to Ecuador. It is located about an hour’s boat trip from Puerto Lopez. With its colonies of seabirds, this island offers a glimpse of what can be seen on a trip to the Galapagos Archipelago. Blue-footed boobies, frigates, pelicans, seagulls, terns, and petrels will be part of the landscape. Between April and October, you will have the opportunity to observe albatrosses there. If your stay is between mid-June and early October, the awe-inspiring spectacle of mating humpback whales must be seen. La Plata Island will charm those who wish to dive, amateurs or experienced, thanks to its exceptionally rich flora and fauna.

Puerto López

During your trip to Ecuador, you can not miss this small seaside town of 14,000 inhabitants. Stay at the edge of the Pacific in one of the few hotels in the city which are located on the furrow (Malecón). In the morning, fishermen sell their fresh fish directly out of the boats on the beach. You can then sit down at a table and taste some of them.

Another advantage of staying in Puerto Lopez is that the village is very close to the Parque National Machalilla. During the right season, -you can spot whales-. The beach with three different sand colors of Los Frailes will also seduce you during your trip to Ecuador.

Also, we organize visits to the small Inca village of Agua Blanca and its small archaeological museum. In this charming small village, you will have the possibility to relax and swim in a small lagoon located behind the village. It is also an opportunity to go diving in Ecuador . This stay on the coast will remain unforgettable.

Puerto Cayo

Also located in the beautiful province of Manabí , less than an hour north of Puerto López, this small fishing village offers exceptional tranquility and an extremely warm and welcoming local population. Although the village is less developed than Puerto López from a tourist point of view, it hosts the most exceptional lodge on the Pacific coast of Ecuador: Las Tanusas . Being close to the points of interest of this region of the coast, you can enjoy the same enchanting tours as from Puerto López (whale watching, Isla de la Plata, visit to the Agua Blanca community, and the magical Los Frailes beach !).

Santa Marianita

Santa Marianita is one of our favorites on the Pacific coast . Located very close to Manta, and therefore easy to reach from Manta’s airport, this charming little town has arguably the best beaches in the region. It is an ideal place to rest, but also for sporting activities such as kitesurfing! With no doubt, a real gem of peace facing the sea, it has everything to seduce you and far from the strong tourist influx!


This quiet coastal village (6,100 inhabitants) offers a magnificent stretch of sand surrounded by picturesque cliffs to the north. Children find their happiness there all year round. In the south, only the horizon can be seen. Charming stopover during your trip to Ecuador. Share a drink at sunset surrounded by friends. We can tailor your itinerary to set a surfing day , it is also possible here especially from December to February.


What makes this resort so charming for a tour on the northwest coast of Ecuador is this magnificent beach bordered by palm trees. A very relaxing place after a more sporting stay in the Andes for example. Mompiche is also a true paradise for surfing in Ecuador . Lovers of this sport will be able to enjoy a world-class wave during their trip to Ecuador.

ITK Voyage Ecuador our Favorite

Our favorite goes to Puerto Lopez, a place to visit in Ecuador. Indeed, this small village, where you see fishermen coming up the beach all day long, has a charm that will not leave you indifferent. The few restaurants and bars along the beach promise very pleasant evenings in a mild climate. In a few minutes by car or bus trip, you will arrive in Agua Blanca where a native will take you around the village. Continuing on the road, you will discover Los Frailes beach.

A splendid setting awaits you and will make you want a little swim between two walks. Puerto Lopez is also the starting point for excursions to Isla de La Plata . After a few days of trekking in the Andes, for example, Puerto Lopez is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun or practice diving in Ecuador at the end of your stay.