ITK Voyage Ecuador Agency offers superb tours and exclusive stays around specific themes selected for your greatest pleasure. From the Andes to the Galapagos Islands, and from the Pacific coast to the Amazon Rainforest. If you want to discover Ecuador, in a different way, with an exceptional approach to the country and off the beaten track, then these tours are for you!

Visit Ecuador on two wheels, wind in your hair, aboard a motorcycle. Enjoy the succulent Ecuadorian cuisine and learn varied typical and exotic recipes across the country along our “culinary tour”. Discover some of the most magnificent active volcanoes in Ecuador accompanied by a professional vulcanologist or take advantage of the “outdoor adventures” in full during a dynamic stay in Ecuador which will take you to the most beautiful natural sites of the country.

Experience an unforgettable trip to Ecuador thanks to the unique and exclusive stays and programs that ITK Voyage with all its professionalism offers you.


ITK agency organized a dreamy honeymoon in Ecuador. This magnificent luxury stay includes a few cultural visits during the day and upscale boutique hotels as well as superb haciendas in the evening to enjoy moments of relaxation as a couple…


Perfect for nature lovers to Discover Ecuador wildlife and nature -one of the greatest in the world-. You will visit exceptional natural sites such as the famous Galapagos Islands, Cotopaxi, and Cuyabeno National Parks



Know all the many facets and contrasts of the delicious Ecuadorian cuisine on this tailor-made succulent Ecuador tour, prepared by your ITK Voyage Ecuador travel agency. Discover the Ecuador different regions through their flavors.


Discover the fabulous Andes mountain range and the mysterious Amazon rainforest with our Ecuador mountain bike trip. The 260 km and 6,000 m of positive elevations will spice up the discovery of these paths.


The primary approach of this tour is meeting the Ecuadorian people. You will live a 12-day extraordinary experience in contact with Ecuadorians and their culture. This stay in Ecuador will take you to spend a total of 9 nights with locals, from Indian communities to Quito inhabitants.


Finally, a 12-day motorcycle tour in Ecuador! Get on your two wheels and discover an authentic country on your own or with a specialist guide. You will discover extreme roads, picturesque villages, exceptional wild, isolated, and not very touristy sites across continental Ecuador.


Are you passionate about photography or, do you like to capture the local population’s day-to-day life and traditional celebrations while observing magnificent and diverse landscapes?. If so, this private trip to Ecuador is for you. You will immerse yourself in the heart of popular local festivals and discover the most beautiful landscapes of Ecuador.


Come and enjoy wellness, relaxing and Zen tour immersed in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. During this spiritual journey in Ecuador, you will be in a yoga specialist’s hands for 15 days and in the most beautiful lodge in the region. Live a unique experience surrounded by the peaceful atmosphere that nature creates.



The Ecuadorian Andes are full of incomparable treasures for any volcanoes fan or specialist. Take advantage of this 10-day stay in Ecuador to discover the most emblematic and fascinating Andean sites along the volcanoes alley, accompanied by an English-speaking guide and a national vulcanologist, who will reveal all the Cordillera secrets to you.


Discover the most beautiful natural sites of the country through a dynamic and sporty, multi-activity trip to Ecuador, this tour will take you for 10 days to the Andes’s heart, from the heights of the emblematic Cotopaxi volcano to the Mindo tropical forest, passing through Baños spa-town, to finish in the heart of the Amazonian Rainforest!


Visit Ecuador and discover the northern part of the country. This tour will allow you to meet indigenous communities in magnificent Andean landscapes in isolated places before immersing yourself in the Amazon rainforest. Witness the contrasts of Ecuador.


Allow yourself a little freedom with this trip to Ecuador. With a rental vehicle -with no guide or driver- you will cross Ecuador from Otavalo (Andes) to Guayaquil, (Coast) and through the Amazon Rainforest to Cuenca. With onboard GPS and the itineraries for each day you will visit isolated places in total freedom.



Here you have an exceptional tailor-made itinerary in Ecuador. This private trip includes some of Ecuador’s most beautiful haciendas, lodges and boutique hotels. Although this is a luxury stay, we can tailor the accommodation to your preferences…