Ecuador is a small country -as big as half of France more or less-. However, its biodiversity is along with Galápagos Islands one of the greatest in the world. The Amazon, the Andes Cordillera -which is the largest mountain range in the world-, where you will find several volcanoes that culminate at more than 16.400 ft (5,000m) are perfect places for Trekking and Hiking. The country has decided to protect these natural areas by creating national parks.



>Easy – accesible

>Medium difficulty



You will have the opportunity to make authentic treks and hikes in these protected national parks & reserves:



Trek Chugchilán-Isinliví.

Through rural valleys, the Chugchilán trek will take you through the western Andes.

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Duration: 2 Days

Hike time -per day-: 5-6 hours

Difficulty: 3/5


Day 1 – Day with negative elevation (720m). The region’s geography is often arid. You will depart from the Quilotoa lake.

Day 2 – The second day will also be in negative elevation. You will reach Isinlivi. The highlight of the day will be the Toachi Canyon.

Route highlights : The Toachi Canyon and Isinlivi Village.

Elevation: Max. altitude – 10.498,6 ft.

Accommodation: Hotel.


Vicuña Trek.

The vicuñas trek is a loop around the highest peak in Ecuador, the Chimborazo.

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Duration: 3 or 4 Days

Hike time -per day-: 6 to 9 hours

Difficulty: 4/5


Day 1 – 13 km, you will start on the Chimborazo slopes, between the latter and The Carihuairazo.

Day 2 – 15 km, you will pass to the volcano another side, this day will be hard, but the climate will normally be dry. The vicuñas will accompany you. Arrival at the Carrel brothers’ refuge.

Day 3 – 10 km, easiest day since you will descend to Casa Condor community.

Route highlights : Constant view of the Chimborazo volcano (if the weather is not overcast), you will also see the Carihuairazo, the Altar and, if the weather is very clear, the Sangay. Vicunas and hummingbirds will accompany you. You will be in a wet landscape then the dry paramo.

Elevation: Max. altitude – 15961,2 ft during the second night at “los Hermanos Carrel” refuge. Elevation gain – 5249,3 ft
Accommodation: Two possibilities are available, the first is to sleep in a refuge, the second is to sleep in a tent.

Condor Trek.

The Condor Trek, in the Antisana Reserve, is one of the most beautiful and spectacular treks in Ecuador. It is however difficult and requires very good condition. The first two days of treks are almost always very muddy and wet and it is recommended to do this trek in boots although it is more strenuous.

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Duration: De 3 to 5 Days depending on the level.

Hike time -per day-: 7/10 hours

Difficulty: 5/5


Day 1 – from El Tambo to the volcano lake.

Day 2 – Crossing the paramo then camping in the highlands at the Antisana Volcano foot.

Day 3 – You will stay this night near a lagoon near the Sincholagua volcano.

Day 4 – You will climb the Sincholagua volcano slopes before descending to Cotopaxi Park.

Route highlights : Views and passages at the Antisana Volcano foot, Sincholagua, and Cotopaxi volcanoes. You will pass by many lagoons such as Santa Lucia and Micacocha. You will have the opportunity to see the great Andean condor while crossing the Antisana reserve.

Elevation: Max. altitude – 13.779,5 ft (15.748,03 ft if you decide to go up to the Cotopaxi refuge, on the last day).

Accommodation: Nights in tents during the trek, and the possibility of spending a night in a charming hacienda in the Cotopaxi National Park.

Lloa-Mindo Trek

Starting from Lloa, The Mindo trek, is the path going from the Andes at high altitudes (3000m), towards a village located in the tropical Mindo forest (1200m). This very pleasant and original trek (treks in tropical forest are rare) remains really accessible. Although quite muddy due to the soil nature and the region climate, boots are not necessary Our full report here.

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Duration: 2 Days

Hike time -per day-: 5-6 hours

Difficulty: 3/5


Day 1 – Departure from Lloa, 9.842,5 ft at the Guagua Pichincha foot. The climate is often humid, but hotter than the Andean heights.

Day 2 – You will continue through the tropical forest to the Mindo region.

Route highlights: Crossing the “cloud forest” with magnificent tropical forest landscapes. You will have to cross a river several times, including once on a makeshift zipline.

Elevation: Max. altitude – 9.842,5 ft. The elevation gain is low since it is a “downhill” trek to Mindo located at 3.937 ft..

Accommodation: The night of the trek takes place in a tent, and the other night will be provided in Mindo on your arrival.


The Altar Trek

The Altar trek will take you to “The Volcano 9 peaks” crater’s heart. Located in Sangay National Park, Altar is one of Ecuador’s most lavish volcanoes.

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Duration: 2-3 Days

Hike time -per day-: 5-8 hours

Difficulty: 3/5


The start is in La Candelaria village, and continues on to the heart of the Sangay Volcano crater.

Route highlights : A view in this sublime volcano’s heart. A circus with many lagoons within it.

Elevation: Max. altitude – 14.107,6 ft. Elevation – 1 656,16 ft

Accommodation: You will camp in a tent and on the way.


Ingapirca trek

Along the Ingapirca trek you will take the route that the Incas used to connect their communities.

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Duration: 2 Days

Hike time -per day-: 8 hours

Difficulty: 3/5


You will start in the Achupallas village and then arrive at Ingapirca. You have the option of doing this trek in the opposite direction.
Route highlights : You will walk on the historical and most impressive Ecuador’ Inca site, Ingapirca, the best-preserved Inca site in Ecuador.

Elevation: Max. altitude – 13.779,5 ft

Accommodation: You will camp in a tent on the way.


Sangay Trek

The hardest in Ecuador! The Sangay is hight-level trek and probably one of the hardest you will encounter in your trekking life.

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Duration: 6-7 Days

Hike time -per day-: 8-9 hours

Difficulty: Extreme (high level resistance required) – The most difficult trek in Ecuador.


On average this trek lasts 3 days, there is no marked path, you will have to make your way through dense and wet vegetation.

Day 4 : you will climb the active Sangay volcano, approximately 7 hours of ascent.

The return is by the same route, over 2-3 days.

Route highlights : The Sangay volcano ascent will be the climax of this trek. A great sporting challenge.

Elevation: Max. altitude – 17.158,7 ft

Accommodation: You will camp in a tent on the way.


Cuicocha Hike

The Cuicocha Lagoon, located in the Otavalo region, is one of the Cuicocha volcano craters. An easy and picturesque walk overlooking this lagoon is very accessible.

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Duration: 4 hours

Difficulty: 2/5

Route: A 45-minute walk to reach the lagoon will be necessary. Then you will do the tour while overlooking this magnificent lagoon.

Route highlights : The constant lake view with its two beautiful central islets.

Elevation: Altitude – 10.498,6 ft.


Quilotoa Hike

The Quilotoa Lagoon is a superb lagoon with magnificent blues and greens water reflections. This unique lagoon is located in the Cotopaxi region, near Latacunga.

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Duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: 2/5

Route: A walk around this crater is easily accessible.

Route highlights : The lagoon view with its changing colours depending on the light and location.

Elevation: Altitude – 12.795,2 ft.


Cubilche Hike

This “trek”, which is more “a day hike”, will take you from the San Clemente community to the San Pablo Lagoon along the Cubilche volcano slopes.

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Duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: 2,5/5

Route: You can do it in both directions. Either in the lagoon-free San Pablo direction to San Clemente or vice versa. You will walk along the Cubilche volcano slopes.

Route highlights : The view of the San Pablo lake.

Elevation: Altitude – 13.779,53 ft.


The Boliche Trek

This one-day trek takes place in Cotopaxi Park near the Rumiñahui volcano.

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Duration: 7 hours

Difficulty: 2/5

Route: You will leave from the Limpiopungo lagoon before joining the Rumiñahui volcano where you will pass near the summit. You will then arrive in the protected Boliche reserve where you will see atypical flora and fauna.

Route highlights : During the route on the Rumiñahui Volcano side you will have the opportunity to see hummingbirds. The Cubilche forest is also atypical and unique.

Elevation: Altitude – 13.123,3 ft


Cotopaxi Park Hike

Cotopaxi National Park is one of the most beautiful protected nature reserves in Ecuador. Many treks and hikes are easily accessible.

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  • Around the Limpiopungo Lagoon: Difficulty – 1/5 … Duration – 40 min
  • Ascent to the Jose Rivas refuge : Difficulty – 2/5 … Duration – 45 min
  • Salitre Trek: Difficulty – 2/5 … Duration – 7h (20km)


Leito Hacienda Hikes (Baños & Riobamba region)

From the Leito Hacienda, near Patate (Tungurahua, Baños region), you can discover, through accessible walks -of varying duration-, this region biodiversity between the tropical forest and the Paramo. You will be able to cross both climates and vegetation during the same walk, which is very rare in Ecuador. Nearby Andes Breath-taking views await you.

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  • Bear watching walk: Difficulty – 1/5 … Duration – 2 hours (possibility of spotting Andean Bears depending on the time of year and your luck!))
  • Walk between tropical forest: Difficulty – 2/5 … Duration – 5 hours