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Living an immersive trip in Ecuador also includes discovering indigenous communities and enjoying exceptional, authentic, and intimate encounters. The many preserved traditions and culture of native communities make of Ecuador one of the most interesting Andean countries for those who know how to appreciate this rich heritage.

In order to soak up the local customs to fully understand the rich history and culture of this country, a tour in Ecuador that brings you to meet them is essential. By choosing to experience your trip to Ecuador with ITK, you will benefit from all our knowledge for a complete success of the trip. Traveling in the Ecuadorian Andes, Amazon, or Pacific coast will remain an unforgettable experience thanks to the welcoming nature of the different native communities.


The Otavalo Kichwa community in Ecuador will open its doors to you, welcoming you into a typical Andean atmosphere. During your tourist visit to Ecuador, you will be able to discover their customs, traditions, and the know-how of indigenous communities. It is possible to sleep on site and share their daily life.


Visit Ecuador for the company of llamas, alpacas, and vicuñas in the traditional Chimborazo region. This tour allows you to spend an unforgettable stay to discover local traditions and daily life of this Ecuadorian indigenous community. It is one of the strongholds of Ecuador tourism and will undoubtedly be an unforgettable moment of your trip to Ecuador.



In Ecuador, the Huaorani community is renowned for being strong, warlike folks who are very committed to environmental preservation especially the flora and fauna of Amazon. During your tour in Ecuador, you will have the opportunity to discover these fabulous people, their customs and traditions, and have a wonderful time in some lodge deep into the Amazon such as the Huaorani lodge. Share with one of the most emblematic Ecuadorian communities.


The Jivaro Amazonian Achuar people are among the most representative communities, just like the Huaoranis. They are located primarily near the border between Peru and Ecuador, and the community currently has nearly 20,000 members. During your trip to Ecuador, it will be possible to meet them during your stay in the primary Amazon. The Achuar will share with you their ancestral know-how, customs, gastronomy, and preserved traditions.



The Agua Blanca Salango community is located near Puerto Lopez – Ecuador. They live on an important pre-Columbian site. Having found traces in the 80’s, the community created a museum. It is possible to sleep on site during your tour/stay, if you wish.