High-mountain tour in the footsteps of Edward Whymper



This trek in the Andes will take you -in 16 days- to meet the raw and colorful Andes of Ecuador. Our travel agency, which specialized in trekking in Ecuador, will be pleased to show you incredible volcanic landscapes. The objective of this tour in the Andes will be to climb the famous Chimborazo volcano 20.664 ft (6300m) as Edward Whymper did in 1880, and whose summit is the closest to the sun point on Earth.

Before that, we will also try the climbs of the famous and magnificent volcanoes Cayambe 18.991 ft (5,790m) and Cotopaxi 19.342 ft (5,897m) -Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world-. You will enjoy excellent acclimatization, essential for the tour success, you will also enjoy, thanks in particular to the superb climbs of the Imbabura and Fuya Fuya volcanoes, an impressive view of the Ecuador volcanoes. A high-mountain tour par excellence!

Physical Difficulty

Culture and Visits

Nature and Activities

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Indicative route :

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Transfer-in to Quito Quito visit 9.184 ft (2800m) Quito > Cuicocha lake 11.480 ft (3 500m)> Cotacachi > Otavalo Otavalo > Fuya Fuya volcano ascent 13.776 ft (4 200m) > San Clemente
Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
San Clemente > Imbabura volcano ascent 15.186 ft (4 630m) > San Clemente San Clemente > Cayambe refuge 15.088 ft (4 600m) Cayambe refuge 15.088 ft (4 600m) Cayambe volcano ascent > Papallacta 10.824 ft (3300m)
Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12
Papallacta > Illinizas refuge 15.088 ft (4 600m) North Illiniza ascent > Cotopaxi National Park 12.464 ft (3 800m) Ascent to the Cotopaxi refuge 15.953 ft(4 864m) Cotopaxi ascent > Baños
Day 13 Day 14 Day 15 Day 16
Baños 5.969 ft (1 820m) Baños > Chimborazo reserve > Carrel refuge 15.744 ft (4 800m) Chimborazo ascent 20.565 ft (6 270m) > Quito Departure transfer

Tour highlights :

Completely private tour ,in the Andes, with an English-speaking high mountain guide.
– Ascent of the mythical Cayambe, Cotopaxi, and Chimborazo volcanoes.
– Wonderful days of active acclimatization.
– 5 peaks over 4200m!
– Discovery of the magnificent Quito city, classified by UNESCO.


Explore in more detail :

About the rate

– The rate decreases as the group size increases proportionally. The estimated price, on a base of two people, of this adventure across the highlands is from $— to $—. The final cost of this trip depends on the way we personalize it specially for you. The exact price will be provided in your personalized quote when you BOOK THIS TRIP.

Day by day

Day 1 : Transfer-in to Quito

Arrival and transfer to Quito.

Day 2 : Quito visit > Mitad del Mundo > Quito 9.184 ft (2800m)

Visit Quito downtown. Discovery of its history, its churches, its squares, its historic streets. In the afternoon, transfer to Mitad del Mundo which marks the location of the equatorial line. Return to Quito.

Day 3 : Quito > Lagune de Cuicocha 11.480 ft (3 500M) > Cotacachi > Otavalo

Morning transfer (2h30 drive). You will hike around the Cuicocha Lagoon. The walk is easy and takes around 4 hours. Transfer to the hacienda near the San Pablo lagoon, on the way, a visit to the Cotacachi village (leather specialist) and Peguche (Kichwa village).

Day 4 : Otavalo > Fuya Fuya volcano 14.038 ft (4 280m) > San Clemente

Short transfer to climb the Fuya Fuya volcano 14.038 ft (4,280m) after reaching the Mojanda lagoon. It will be the first significant experience before Cayambe, Cotopaxi, and Chimborazo climbs.
You will join the San Clemente community in the afternoon where you will experience a unique moment of sharing with this community.

Day 5 : San Clemente > Imbabura volcano ascent 13.346 ft ( 4 609m) > San Clemente

Morning transfer to conquer the Imbabura volcano 13.346 ft (4,609m). This ascent will be a real first test before your future challenges: Cayambe 18.991 ft (5,790m), Cotopaxi 19.342 ft (5,897m), and Chimborazo 20.664 ft (6,300m). A 5–6-hour walk will allow you optimal acclimatization to achieve your future ascents. You will return to the community of San Clemente to spend the night.

Day 6 : San Clemente > Cayambe 15.088 ft (4 600m)

You will leave the San Clemente community to reach the Cayambe refuge. You will take advantage of the afternoon at the refuge to complete your acclimatization before attempting to climb Cayambe which is located on the equatorial line.

Day 7 : Cayambe refuge 15.088 ft (4 600m)

You will have a free day at the refuge to calmly acclimatize yourself before your ascent during the night.

Day 8 : Cayambe ascent > Papallacta

You will leave very early in the morning (around 1 a.m.) to attempt the Cayambe Volcano climb. Return to the refuge around 8 is and transfer to Papallacta for enjoying the natural thermal baths.

Day 9 : Papallacta > Illinizas refuge 15.088 ft (4 600m)

You will take the two Illinizas volcanoes direction. You will climb on foot to the refuge located at an altitude of 15.088 ft

Day 10 : North Illiniza ascent 16.813 ft (5 126m) > Cotopaxi National Park

Early in the morning, you will attempt the North Illiniza Volcano Climb 16.813 ft (5,126m). You will reach the summit in the early morning. You will then take the Cotopaxi National Park direction.

Day 11 : Ascent to the Cotopaxi refuge 15.953 ft (4 864m)

You will have a free day in the park to prepare for the climb that awaits you at the night. You will go up to the refuge in the afternoon 15.953 ft (4,864m).

Day 12 : Cotopaxi Ascent 19.342 ft (5 897m) > Baños

You will leave around midnight to attempt the Cotopaxi volcano ascent. You will reach the summit at sunrise around 6 a.m. After the descent, you will take the road to the Baños spa town.

Day 13 : Baños

You will enjoy a free day in Baños to rest or enjoy the many activities in the city such as thermal baths, canyoning, or the many canopies (zip lines).

Day 14 : Baños > Chimborazo reserve > Carrel refuge 15.744 ft (4 800m)

After making the transfer to the famous and magnificent Chimborazo reserve. You will climb directly to the refuge where you will rest before attempting to climb the highest peak in Ecuador, Chimborazo 20.664 ft (6,300m).

Day 15 : Ascent of Chimborazo volcano 20.664 ft (6,270m) > Quito

You will wake up around 11:30 pm to begin the Chimborazo ascent. You will climb around 8 / 9h, not technically difficult but physically demanding. You will be back around 10 / 11 am at the refuge where you will take the road back to Quito.

Day 16 : Departure transfer

Your driver will pick you up to take you to the airport.

B: Breakfast
L: Luch
D: Dinner


Comfort » category : charming and comfortable accommodation 2/3*** category. Clean and offering an adapted-to-European and American customer service.

Superior » category : charming accommodation 3/4**** category. Top of the range quality infrastructure and personalized service. Spacious and tasteful rooms.

=> the “luxury” (4/5 *) options are also available on request.

Guidance & Transport

Andes (from day 1 to day 13) : private transport with a Spanish-speaking driver + a bilingual Spanish / English private local guide (vehicle type 4 × 2, space or bus depending on the size of the group). For a group of 2 or 3 people, your guide will also be your driver.

Ice climbs: during the Cayambe, Cotopaxi, and Chimborazo climbs, you will benefit from a high mountain guide for two people. Your main guide – who will be the same throughout the stay – will speak English. The other high mountain guides will speak Spanish, with some English.

Transfers : the day 14 transfer will be carried out by a private Spanish-speaking driver.

Required level

Physical: this high-mountain tour requires excellent physical condition. In addition to regular training (sport, walking, etc.), we recommend that travelers wishing to take part in this trip take a stress test before their arrival. This will limit the risks during ascents and in particular coronary and vascular problems.

Technical: no technical level is necessary. The Cotopaxi, Cayambe, and Chimborazo volcanoes glacial climbs offer slopes of 30 to 40 degrees. There is no vertical part that requires the use of climbing techniques; it’s just three (long) glacier walks. For those who have never used crampons and an ice ax, an ice school will be given by the guide.


Clothing :

-1 or 2 light walking trousers
-1 or 2 warm walking trousers
-2 Fleece jackets
-1 breathable warm jacket(type Softshell)
-1 waterproof jacket (type Gore-tex)
– light t-shirts
– hike shoes
– casual shoes
-1 pair of gloves for high altitude walks
-1 warm hat for high altitude walks
– cap

Additional :

-1 water bottle (or camelbak. Be careful, the water may freeze during glacier ascents, blocking your water supply)
– sunglasses
– solar cream
– hiking bag (between 25 to 45L)
– hike sticks for acclimatization days
– camera
– binoculars
– duvet (between 5C -15C) for nights in refuge
– headlamp


– Transfers and visits times are indicative.
– For every not included meal, foresee between $5 -popular- and $45 -gourmet- per person.
– Tips: we recommend between $ 10 and $ 20 per worked day for a guide, and between $ 5 and $ 10 per worked day for a driver.