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Location : A 2-hour drive from Quito.
Weather : Ranges between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius.
Area : 19 200 hectares
Accessibility : Access is easy by road, by car or bus.

Description of Mindo-Nambillo Reserve

Located 80 kilometres to the northwest of Quito, the Mindo-Nambillo reserve is an ecological reserve that remains very wild and sparsely populated. This reserve is covered by “cloud forest”, which is the tropical forest between the Andes and the coast.
The Mindo-Nambillo reserve is a privileged place where one can observe more than 500 bird species, including the hummingbird, which is an Ecuadorian symbol, as well as the famous rooster with its orange crest. It is a world-famous place among all bird watchers. Moreover, the reserve will allow you to observe more than 90 species of butterflies. Besides, it is one of the best sites in Ecuador for outdoor activities (rafting, zip lining, hiking, waterfall visits, etc.), and ideal for spending a great time with the family. The intimate little village aspect of Mindo will allow you to enjoy a moment of relaxation in contact with nature.

Activities in the Mindo-Nambillo Reserve

Trekking and hiking:

– Lloa-Mindo trek (2 days)

– Route des cascades (4 heures)

: Accessible to everyone

: Regular walker

: Regular athlete

Other activities :

– Canopy (zip line)

– Rafting

– Chocolate production tour

– Butterfly farm

– Bird watching (especially the rock rooster)