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Fragata yacht introduction.

The Fragata yacht is a charming, comfortable Superior category (2/3*) cruise ship that has been sailing the Galápagos Islands since 1994. It offers 4, 5 and 8 day itineraries allowing you to explore the emblematic sites of the archipelago. The programs offered by the Fragata offer excellent value for money and will take you on a journey around magical places such as Bartolomé Island, South Plaza, Genovesa or Española, famous for its albatrosses.

The Fragata yacht can accommodate up to 16 passengers on board its 8 cabins, all air-conditioned and equipped with private bathrooms (hot and cold water). All bed configurations are available (double, twin beds or single). The Upper Deck is designed to allow you enjoy the sunny days of the archipelago, and you will appreciate its restaurant and bookstore (with television) to relax to the rhythm of the Galápagos.

All expeditions are led by a bilingual Spanish/English naturalist guide, who will share with you his experience and great islands fauna and flora knowledge.

Category: Superior
Capacity: 16 passengers
Type: yacht
Construction: 1994
Dimensions: 76ft (length) / 23ft (width)
Crew: 8 people (including a naturalist guide)

ITK Viewpoint:
The Fragata stands out in the Superior category, offering very competitive prices for well-set itineraries. The cabins are simple, and the Upper Deck may be narrower than higher category ships, but the facilities are still designed to allow you to fully enjoy your free time on board.

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