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San Francisco Hotel introduction

The city of San Francisco de Quito was founded in 1534 when the Spanish conquistadors divided the land, Miguel Lozada received the land where the Hotel San Francisco now stands and built a house that was unfortunately destroyed by the terrible 1698 earthquake.
That same year, Juan de Dios Padilla built a new two floors house. Downstairs were the dairy, cows, and stables, while upstairs were the dining room and kitchen.
In 1747, the owner, who was part of a religious brotherhood, painted the Virgin of Quito fresco above the stone staircase leading to the second floor. The last reconstruction of what is now Hotel San Francisco, a building classified as “Quito City Cultural Heritage”, was completed in 1997. The hotel has preserved the main characteristics of the original construction. Moreover, the architecture of the Hotel San Francisco is typical of the constructions that took place in Quito at the beginning of the 18th century with adobe walls 1 meter wide (a mixture of mud and straw). Hotel San Francisco is simple, but the building is charming

Capacity: 30 Rooms

ITK Viepoint about San Francisco:
The charm and incredible history that this hotel conveys do not leave us indifferent. Although we prefer other alternatives in the historic center, San Francisco remains a benchmark in the sector.

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