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La Cienega Hacienda introduction

Located a few kilometers from the main Cotopaxi National Park entrance, on the Lasso Village outskirts, La Cienega is one of the oldest haciendas in Ecuador. Marked by history housed Charles-Marie de la Condamine, a French scientist who led the Geodesic Mission that arrived to the back then Quito Royal Audience 1736 and 1744.

Its rich history began in 1695. The Hacienda La Cienega offers a magnificent furnished building with elegant architecture and very well-maintained gardens. Even if the rooms remain fairly simple, you will spend a timeless stay within its walls. A fascinating meeting for all Andean history lovers.

Capacity : 34 Rooms

ITK Viewpoint about La Ciénega:
Hacienda la Cienega is one of the most beautiful buildings in Ecuador, but the quality of service is inferior to that of the hacienda Los Mortiños, El Porvenir or San Agustin de Callo.

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