For a detailed design of your travel to Ecuador, ITK Voyage travel agency introduces itself with an exhaustive handpicked list of hotels, lodges, and haciendas -Pacific coast and Galápagos included – carefully chosen by us. So you can have at your disposal the most suitable accommodation for your traveling style during your tailor-made tour across Ecuador. ITK local travel agency in Ecuador has classified the hotels, lodges, and haciendas by region, category, and service quality. Whether you want to take a trip to the Ecuadorian Andes , the Pacific Coast , Galápagos , or elsewhere in the country, you will find what you are looking for in a few clicks.

ITK Voyage is entirely at your disposal to advise you and shape each of your Ecuador program stages.


Two distinct parts compound the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest: the Secondary Amazonia -Puyo, Tena, easy to access, but with less fauna- & Primary Amazonia -Cuyabeno, Yasuní, more difficult to access but with lush nature found only in this region of the world-. Anyway, each lodge offers a change of scenario and tranquillity.


Andean region located south of Quito, Ecuador. The picturesque Cotopaxi region includes the haciendas in the Cotopaxi National Park , Chimborazo reserve and the Inns located near the Quilotoa lagoon. ITK Voyage offers tours and stays mainly in the charming accommodations of this region.



Located 1000 km off the coast of Ecuador, the Galápagos archipelago offers good category hotels & lodges with impeccable service. Your travel agent – ITK Voyage ecuador – offers you the best possible options during your stay in the Galápagos islands and Ecuador mainland. For that, have a look at our exclusive selection for the enchanted Islands.


The capital of Ecuador -the 2nd highest Latin American capital- Quito , is located in the north-central Andes part of the country. This point exclusively includes hotels located in Quito Metropolitan District. ITK Ecuador agency handpicked hotels for your stayovers in the sublime Ecuadorian capital, which remains an essential passage during any trip to Ecuador!



The Ibarra and Otavalo Andean region is located north of Ecuador and 2h from Quito. ITK voyage mainly offers stays in haciendas located near the 2 cities and hotels in the heart of Otavalo. It is also possible to meet indigenous communities with preserved traditions, for a unique sharing experience during your trip to Ecuador.


Two hours west of Quito, Mindo village is located in a cloud forest remain -lush forest still part of the Andes-. This region offers radically different landscapes from the picturesque “Volcanoes Alley”. It is also a small paradise for biodiversity lovers -especially birds (ornithologists)-. Mindo is home to a large concentration of hummingbird species.



Cuenca is Ecuador’s third-largest city, a colonial treasure and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the Andes -south of Ecuador- This stopover includes magnificent colonial hotels in the heart of Cuenca and a hostel in Ingapirca -Archeological Inca site-. ITK voyage offers itineraries in the Andes adapted to this beautiful region.


West of Ecuador, the Pacific Coast usually offers typical accommodations, sometimes made from local materials. ITK Voyage offers stays in the most interesting and superb seaside resorts of this region. From June to September, you can observe the humpback whales’ migration! One of the most beautiful stages of your Ecuador trip!



Guayaquil is a southern Ecuador city, located on the Pacific Coast , it is the country’s first port and economic capital. During your visit to Ecuador, the ITK travel agency offers short stays in this beautiful stopover with good-category hotels located in the center of the second-most populous city of Ecuador.


Riobamba and the spa-town of Baños are located exactly in the center of Ecuador mainland, in the Andes. This stopover not only includes hotels and haciendas in Baños and Riobamba downtown but also in the surrounding area. ITK Ecuador travel agency selected the best hotels and haciendas in order to offer you an unforgettable trip to the Andes’s heart.



South of Cuenca: Loja, Vilcabamba, Zaruma Villages and the Podocarpus National Park are little visited places although they are full of riches. If you want to discover another lesser-known region, off the beaten track, but also with less infrastructure during your trip to Ecuador, ITK Voyage Ecuador advise you to go and discover it.