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Island description

Santa Fe is a small island, which is 24km2 in area, with an interesting geological formation. Being one of the oldest islands in the Galapagos archipelago, Santa Fe Island has other exceptional features.

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General information

Indeed, the island allows one to observe the Santa Fe land iguana, which is an endemic species and therefore observable only on Santa Fe. A Santa Fe land iguana is recognisable thanks to its pale-yellow colour, unlike the Galapagos land iguana that has a dark yellow colour. In addition to this, you will certainly be able to observe the Galapagos rat, which is a curiously established species that is also endemic to Santa Fe Island.
Santa Fe Island offers one of the most beautiful sheltered coves in the Galapagos archipelago. Its lagoon with turquoise water is protected by multiple tiny islets that form an ideal anchoring point.

Main sites

Santa Fe Island does not have any particular and recognised sites. Given its small size, visiting Santa Fe Island is sufficient in itself.