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The Ecuadorian rail network development has been an adventure and a challenge in its own right. A real technical challenge taken up by many national history figures. Indeed, the relief, and the omnipresent nature in each region of the country made the routes construction difficult and very laborious. The network is quite developed today and remains useful for connecting certain isolated rural populations and allowing, in parallel, tourist activity and transport, the vital transport of goods between the Andes and the Pacific coast.

In terms of tourism, some lines have gained international fame, such as the “Nariz del Diablo” (Devil’s Nose), which remains a must for your trip to discover Ecuadorian Andes, although it has lost its authenticity in recent years. If you want to learn more about Ecuador’s railway history, with rich and surprising anecdotes, we recommend that you opt for accommodation at Hacienda Leito, in the Baños region. The current owner ancestors played a key role in the rail network development in the region!

Nariz del diablo -Devil’s Nose-

November 2021: To date, operations of the Nariz del Diablo train are still suspended, since the liquidation of the public company responsible for its management, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. A desire to resume its activity has been issued by the Ministry of Tourism, without information or concrete date.

Journey of about 4 hours with a departure at 7 a.m. from Riobamba and an arrival at 11 a.m. in Alausí, Nariz del Diablo is the most spectacular train in Ecuador. Magnificent landscapes and the possibility of traveling on the roof of the train (this is no longer always possible depending on the layout and work carried out), make this train a mandatory stopover during your trip to Ecuador.

Departure: every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Ibarra train route

Less well-known than the Nariz del Diablo train route, it is yet no less authentic, on the contrary, the journey remains spectacular, and the landscapes are very beautiful. Although in theory, it operates every day, departures are not always guaranteed since a minimum of 12 people is required, Possibility of integrating it for group tours only!