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Several towns in Ecuador have typical markets. Indeed, whether they are craft markets or more traditional markets where animals and fruits or vegetables are sold, these are always interesting cultural visits, in contact with local populations and their way of life. You will not fail to discover unique and specific Ecuadorian products. During your trip, the tastings will always be a great moment of sharing!

Otavalo Market

It is the largest and best known of Ecuador’s indigenous markets. It takes place every day of the week, but the most grandiose is Saturday, when most of Otavalo streets are dedicated to this event. An ideal place to buy souvenirs for loved ones, it has nevertheless lost some of its authenticity in recent years … A victim of its own success!

To get there: 1h30 from Quito (northbound)
Market days: daily, but Saturday and Wednesday are the two most important days.

Saquisilí Market

A few kilometres from Cotopaxi Park – Ecuador – it is a compulsory stopover for any touristic program passing through this region on a Thursday -the only day the market is open-. The small town is then totally inundated by native merchants -from animals to local crafts sales-. An exotic and authentic stopover!

To get there: 30mn from Cotopaxi (south direction)
Market day (s): every Thursday

Zumbahua Market

Zumbahua is one of Ecuador’s most typical markets. Smaller than that of Otavalo or Saquisilí but you will immerse yourself in the heart of the indigenous population and their animals every Saturday morning.

To get there: 2 hours from Latacunga (westbound)
Market day (s): every Saturday

Guamote Market

In contact with the local population, you will observe Guamote market and village life -in Ecuador – to the rhythm of the auctions. Animals and colorful fabrics make this market truly authentic.

To get there: 45mn from Riobamba (southbound)
Market day (s): every Thursday

Pujili Market

This typical and very touristy small market, takes place in the central square and in the various streets of this rural village. The specialty is craftsmanship and more specifically ceramics. In particular, you will find a large number of handmade piggy banks.

How to get there: 2 hours south of Quito (Latacunga direction)
Market day (s): every Wednesday and Sunday (biggest days)

Tzalaron market

South of Riobamba, on the high Andean plateau, is one of the smallest traditional markets in Ecuador. Like Guamote, this is a market almost exclusively frequented by locals.

To get there: 30 minutes south of Riobamba
Market day (s): every Friday