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Location : 2 hours to the south of Quito.
Altitude : Ranges from 9.840 ft (3000m) to 17.220 ft (5.250m.
Weather : Ranges from 5 to 15 degree Celsius.
Area : 149 900 hectares
Creation date : 1996
Accessibility : Easily accessible by road by car.

Description of the Illinizas Reserve

The Ilinizas reserve is one of Ecuador’s wildest sites that is still easily accessible from Quito (about 2 hours of drive).
Dominated by the Iliniza volcanoes (south and north) which rises to 5,248 metres in altitude for the first and 5,116 metres for the second.
There, you will find typical “páramo” vegetation that borders the side of the majestic Illiniza volcanoes, which will never stop watching you. It is a reserve where you can observe llamas in the wild.
Note that the Iliniza volcanoes are two volcanoes that were perhaps born from an explosion of a single large summit.

Activities in the Iliniza Reserve

Trekking and hiking:

– Quilotoa-Chugchillán-Isinliví trek (2 days)

: Accessible to everyone

: Regular walker

: Regular athlete

Ascents in the Iliniza reserve

Iliniza Norte Volcano 16780 ft (5.116m): The ascent of the Iliniza Norte volcano is technically quite easy, but with some dizzying passages. (grade II/PD)

Iliniza Sur Volcano 17.220 ft (5.250m): Climbing Iliniza Sur volcano is technically difficult. This ascent is reserved for experienced climbers.
(grade V/D)

Equipment needed : Mountaineer’s clothing, crampon shoes, crampons, harness, ice axe, and helmet.
Guide: Essential for both summits.

: Difficult ascent

Other activities :

– Horseback riding