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Location : 2 hours east of Quito.
Altitude : Ranges from 1640 ft (500m) to 18.991 ft (5790m).
Weather : Ranges from 5 to 20 degree Celsius. Drops down to -20 degree Celsius at the top of Cayambe.
Area : 400.000 hectares
Creation date : 1970
Accessibility : With ease, by car or bus. A guide will be required in order to hike there.

Description of Cayambe-Coca National Park

The Cayambe National Park is a protected area, and the second largest national park in the Ecuadorian Andes. In addition to its accessibility since the first and second road are indeed well maintained, Cayambe Park offers magnificent landscapes. Most of this park is made up of typical “paramo” vegetation and over 100 endemic plant species.
Located in the heart of the National Park, the Cayambe volcano dominates other volcanoes with its summit which rises to 5790m altitude.
The Cayambe volcano is considered to compete with the Chimborazo for the point closest to the sun on earth, thanks to its positioning on the equatorial line.

Activities in Cayambe Coca National Park

Trekking and hiking

– Papallacta trek (2 days of walking).

: Accessible to everyone

: Regular walker

: Regular athlete

Ascents in Cayambe Coca National Park

Cayambe volcano 18.991 ft (5790m): Supervised by a specialised high mountain guide, the Cayambe glacier climb is accessible to anyone who is in good physical condition. Before attempting the climb, it is essential to prepare yourself with a good, gradual acclimatisation in Ecuador. Glacier walking, while physical, is not technical. A half-day ice school will be sufficient for novices.

Equipment needed : Mountaineer’s clothing, crampon shoes, crampons, harness, ice axe, and helmet.
Guide : Essential.

El Reventador Volcano 11.808 ft (3600m): This volcano is one of the most active ones in Ecuador, hence its ascent is unfortunately not possible. Its last eruption was in 2009.

: Ascension facile

: Moderate ascent

: Difficult ascent