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Location : 1 hour east of Cuenca.
Altitude : Ranges from 9.840 (3000m) ft to 14760 ft. (4500m)
Weather : Ranges from 0 to 18 degree Celsius (particularly humid).
Area : 29.000 hectares
Creation date : 1977
Accessibility : Trekking start points are easily accessible by car. However, once on the trek, no assistance by land is possible.

Description of Cajas Park

Located 35 kilometres to the west of Cuenca, the Cajas National Park is a protected area that remains very wild and hostile to humans. Nature has all its rights here, and with its 235 lagoons, it is currently the main source of drinking water in Cuenca.
The Cajas Park is a privileged place for observing paramo (highlands of the Andes) birds, fishing, and hiking. Spectacled bears, pumas, and emblematic condors can still be seen in this region, even if the authorities consider them to be endangered.
If you want to enjoy a trek in Cajas Park, you should expect to observe extraordinary landscapes but also walk in the rain and cold. We recommend its visit only for informed people!

Activities in Cajas Park

Trekking and hiking :

In the Cajas National Park, there are many treks that range between 1and 30kms or more, for beginners and experienced walkers.

Other activities:

Sport fishing