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Nemo III catamaran introduction

Nemo III has been brand-new since it began its operation in the Galápagos archipelago in 2014. The Nemo III sailboat that can accommodate up to 14 passengers offers two 8-day itineraries. Since this is a sailboat, the cabins are not among the most spacious in the Galápagos fleet. On the other hand, Nemo III makes it possible to take part in a friendly cruise that is more human and authentic as opposed to motor boats alone.

Class:1st class / Class tourist
Capacity: 14 passengers
Type: catamaran à voile
Construction: 2014
Dimensions: 75,4ft (length) / 39,3ft (width)
Crew : 7 people

Single cabin:

Services :

Némo III itineraries

Cruise 4 Days / 3 nights - Sud (B)