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Angelito yacht introduction.

Angelito was a grandfather who was nicknamed “Angel”. In 1960, he helped his two grandsons, Leonardo and Hugo Andrade, build their first fishing boat that allowed the two brothers to earn a living and support their families. As pioneers in the Galápagos, they gave up fishing and converted their fishing boat to a cruise boat.

After more than a decade in tourism, the brothers used the experience they gained with this first small boat to build a new yacht, the Angelito I, which was launched in 1992. Angelito I was completely renovated in the summer of 2012. The quality of the boat has been maintained while the space has been increased. Presently, there are 8 double cabins on the main deck with each offering a bay window, private bathroom, individual air-conditioning, and the possibility of having twin beds or a double bed. With two new engines, 2 new generators, and all new electrical and electronic installations, safety, which is our first priority, is guaranteed.

Category: Superior
Capacity: 16 passengers
Type: yacht
Construction: 1992, renovated in 2013
Dimensions: 72ft (length) / 23ft (width)
Crew: 8 people

ITK Viewpoint:
On a Comfort segment, the Angelito is undoubtedly one of our favorite cruises. It offers high quality itineraries with exceptional visits rarely made in this segment. In addition, its modular cabins and its absolutely adorable on-board staff who are very attentive to all your needs, to add to the extremely competitive prices offered by the Angelito team, make it a remarkable option that we can only advise you on. your Galapagos trip!

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