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Leito hacienda introduction

Located in Patate rural area -near Baños-, The Hacienda Leito -for more than 300 years- has been the scene of rich history between the Jesuits of the San Ignacio Order, the treasure seekers of Atahualpa, and the king Charles III of Spain. Indeed, the hacienda Leito was first a place of residence and rest for the Jesuits before the Spanish commander Baltasar Carriedo took possession of the place. In 1730, upon the death of Commander Baltasar, the Spanish aristocratic family Álvarez became the owner. Then, in 1928, the 100,000 hectares were bought by Marco Antonio Restrepo who made Leito one of the largest wheat, potatoes, pigs, cattle, and sheep producers in Ecuador. Marco Antonio Restrepo was a key figure in the economic development of the region.
The legend also says that the Inca emperor Atahualpa would have hidden part of his treasure in the wild LLanganates National Park where the hacienda Leito is located … Many researchers, therefore, came to Leito with the objective of finding this treasure through lakes and inaccessible mountains.

Capacity: 29 Rooms

ITK Viepoint about Leito Hacienda:
Leito, along with Los Manteles Hacienda, is one of the region’s most historic haciendas. Current owner’s family of the premises has played a central role at the national level and in the region’s development, especially during the era of the country’s railway development. You will discover rich historical testimonies, in addition to enjoying great comfort (the hacienda has a swimming pool), An exceptional natural setting, calm, and close to Baños! Superb walks are possible from the hacienda, where you may notably have the opportunity to observe Andean bears, present in the region (at least 8 individuals in 2019!).

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