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Wyndham Quito Hotel introduction

The Wyndham Superior Hotel in Quito has the distinction of being located right next to the airport, making it an ideal hotel for any traveller who needs to be at the airport for an early departure, or late arrival in Quito. The Wyndham hotel in Quito will offer you all the comfort and calm you need, after a long-haul flight for example, with all the necessary service typical of a high standard hotel.
The Wyndham Hotel in Quito is located about an hour from Quito, right next to Quito’s Mariscal Sucre Airport which is out of the way from the heart of the Ecuadorian capital.

Capacity: 150 Rooms

ITK Viepoint about the Wyndham Quito Hotel:
If you want to enjoy a comfortable hotel near the airport, Wyndham is one of the finest options in the area. Its spa will also allow you to relax before or after internal or international flights..

Deluxe room:

Room Executive:

Jr. Suite: