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Villa Colonna Hotel introduction

Villa Colonna is the ITK Travel Hotel, a true pearl in the heart of Quito Historic Center. You will stay in a large Colonial Style House built at the beginning of the XIX century, traditional Ecuadorian decoration without being overloaded. In this luxury boutique hotel you will feel surrounded by the city’s history.You will have a personalized and professional service with an English-speaking manager who is constantly on-site so you can feel at home even on the other side of the world. This is why Villa Colonna “Guest House” is the best option for your nights in the Ecuadorian Capital.
Villa Colonna has only 6 unique and personalized suites. You will have the opportunity to choose between them, note that they all have different decorations. We want to make your stay in Ecuador and Quito unique, and Villa Colonna will be your first step in your discovery of the “The 4 worlds Country”.
Capacity: 6 Suites

ITK Viepoint about Villa Colonna Quito:
For us, the Villa Colonna is the most beautiful colonial hotel currently in operation in Quito. You will enjoy this superb and intimate place; you will receive flawless service from the on-site staff. The house will delight art lovers. The rooms are superb and very comfortable. Its terrace will also offer you a historic center wonderful view.

Villa Colonna exclusive suites:


Details about the Benalcaza suite...

The Benalcazar suite is located on the Hotel Villa Colonna ground floor. You will be in a comfortable and cozy suite.

Las Agustinas

Facts about Las Agustinas suite...

Las Agustinas suite is located on Villa Colonna first floor. Real suite with its living room and its separate bedroom, if you like bright rooms this is the ideal one with its three double glass balcony windows, you will be at home in this room.

La Basílica

Facts about La Basílica ...

La Basilica suite is so named because it is the only suite in the hotel with a view of the majestic and the iconic Itchimbia hill, sober decoration, a very comfortable room.

San Francisco

San Francisco suite details...

The San Francisco Suite is the Hotel Villa Colonna largest suite, but also the only one to have an in-room Jacuzzi. The original design is with one bed but this room can also be turned into a double bedroom if necessary

Santa Bárbara

Santa Bárbara details...

The Santa Bárbara Suite is located on Villa Colonna first floor. You have a spacious suite with a living and sleeping area.

La Merced

La Merced suite details...

The La Merced suite is a very large suite with two separate areas. Two double glass balcony windows, cozy and intimate, ideal if you want maximum comfort during your stay in Quito.