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Colonial San Agustin Hotel introduction

Built in the 20th century and declared a World Heritage Site, the building that now houses the Colonial San Agustin Hotel is located in the heart of the historic center, close to all the most interesting areas and tourist sites. The decoration of the place offers a unique experience, combining colonial style and new technologies to offer the best comfort to travelers.
In its early days, San Agustín House belonged to Coronel Eleodoro Saenz Ribadeneira, who inherited the property from his great aunt, the famous Manuela Saenz, Ecuadorian noblewoman and confidante of Simón Bolivar “El Libertador”.
In 1979 Rosa Espinosa, Dr. Espinosa’s daughter, and her husband Guillermo Guerra inherited and named the house “San Agustín”, upon San Agustín Church’s honor (San Agustin Church is one of the 7 historic and most iconic churches in the center of Quito).

Capacity: 18 Personalized Rooms

ITK Viepoint about San Agustin:
San Agustín is in our opinion the best current option of “Economy” accommodation in Quito, at a very affordable price, with beautiful rooms and its particular colonial charm.

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