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Illa Hotel introduction

The Illa Experience Hotel is the last of the luxury hotels in the historic center of Quito. You will live an experience in what is, surely, the most beautiful boutique hotel in the Ecuadorian capital. Hotel Illa will give you a unique experience in one of the most beautiful areas of the most beautiful capital of Latin America. The San Marcos district is a completely renovated district where serenity is present.

You will live in the heart of the authentic Quito, far from the noise of the hyper center, while remaining a 5-minute walk from Plaza Grande.

Capacity: 10 Rooms

ITK Viepoint about Illa hotel:
Although there are other luxury options that we prefer in Quito (Villa Colonna, Casa Gangotena), Illa is also a very nice option and offers you very comfortable rooms, impeccable service, a certain cachet, and an ideal location in the Ecuadorian capital’s Historic Center.

Room Luxe:



Master suite: