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Ikala Hotel introduction

The Ikala Hotel (fusion of Anahi Boutique Hotel and Fuente de Piedra) is ideally located in the very modern part of Quito, near Mariscal Foch Avenue. It combines two distinct spaces, which house on the one hand very simple and economical rooms, and on the other hand charming personalized suites. The Ikala hotel will allow you to enjoy the festive atmosphere and multiple gastronomic events omnipresent in the capital modern center. Ikala has a good-quality restaurant with a well-stocked menu.
In 2019, the hotel fitted out Junior Suites in addition to the existing Suites and makes it possible to offer beautiful rooms for any budget, at an overall very affordable price.
Capacity: 44 Rooms

ITK Viepoint about Ikala Hotel:
Great option in the modern center of Quito. You will enjoy the warm and festive atmosphere of this part of the city, its gourmet restaurants, and meeting places for Quiteños while being far enough away to enjoy high-quality rest. The Junior Suites and Suites are absolutely comfortable and charming.

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