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Las Tanusas lodge introduction

Las Tanusas is a unique SPA lodge located on the Ecuadorian Pacific coast at 80 km from Manta and 150 from Guayaquil, along the famous “Spondylus Route”. Perfectly Managed by the owners, the lodge is beautiful, the service is very professional and the restaurant is excellent. You can relax in this superb lodge in the swimming pool, on your lounge chair, or on the massage table, but also enjoy a horseback ride, explore the archaeological past of this area, or even embark at sea to observe whales.
Capacity: 10 Rooms

ITK Viepoint about Las Tanusas:
The Las Tanusas lodge is the best on the Ecuadorian coast. You will be facing the sea in this sumptuous accommodation and will be able to benefit from the talents of one of Ecuador’s most renowned chefs, who will provide you with an extraordinary gastronomic experience.

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