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Cerro Lobo lodge introduction

Located 45 minutes south of Puerto Lopez on the Pacific coast, and 3 hours from Guayaquil, near the village of La Rinconada, the Cerro Lobo lodge is ideally located on the heights, with a breathtaking view of the coastline. The calm of the place and the personalized attention type guest room will seduce you. 7 minutes by car from Ayampe beach, this exclusive lodge will allow you to enjoy an exceptional setting while being quiet, slightly away from the city.

The lodge offers several types of Rooms, all quite isolated from each other, ranging from lofts to Rooftops. They are all very comfortable and well thought out, corresponding to a 3* superior type of comfort. All enjoy a superb view of the coast, and will make your trip to Ecuador truly unforgettable.

The dishes are cooked “home” à la carte by Gabriela, the butler, who offers a wide variety of menus for your lunch and evening meals, if you wish to take them at the lodge. The hearty breakfast is included.

Capacity: 7 Rooms

ITK Viepoint about Cerro Lobo:
Discovered in 2021, Cerro Lobo is a superb option for travelers seeking tranquility, halfway between a hotel and a semi-independent guesthouse/aparthotel, with a geographical location that makes it easy to enjoy visits having in general place from Puerto Lopez, to 45 minutes (whale watching, Isla de la Plata, Agua Blanca community…). Gabriela is very welcoming and attentive to the needs of travelers, and will allow you to enjoy a wonderful stay on the Pacific coast of Ecuador.

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