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San Clemente community introduction

Created in 2002 under the leadership of Manuel Guatemal, this ecotourism project highlights the Indian San Clemente community.
Little by little thanks to the income generated by visitors the community is organizing and developing. For 3 years all families have had electricity new houses are being built with the aim of welcoming more visitors and providing better living conditions to the local population -hot water has become widespread-. In San Clemente, you will not only live a unique experience but you will also contribute to the economic and social development of the community.

Capacity: 12 families -55 people –

ITK Viepoint about San Clemente:
San Clemente Community is one of the few communities we work with. The accommodation conditions are great, the food is perfect and the experience with your Kichwa family will be exceptional .

Standard Room:

Family Room :

Other Services :