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Sachatamia Lodge introduction

A 120 hectares wonderful private ecological reserve in the heart of the tropical rainforest (cloud forest). Located just a few kilometres away from Mindo Village. By staying in Sachatamia lodge you will also have the opportunity to be next to the protected “Mindo Nambillo” forest. The area is renowned as one of the most biodiverse sites in the country. Indeed, the largest number of birds in the whole world by area has been recorded in Mindo.
The cabins and the lodge are mostly built of wood, Sachatamia lodge is certainly one of the most comfortable lodges in the area because of its serenity and balance in a natural parenthesis without pollution and noise.

Capacity: 14 Cabins

ITK Viepoint about Sachatamia:
How not to adore the exclusive natural reserve and the setting offered by Sachatama, along with Bellavista and Mashpi this is one of our three favourite high-end lodges in Mindo. It is difficult to decide between them but whatever your choice, you will leave absolutely amazed by your stay in Mindo!

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