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Mashpi Lodge introduction

Luxurious, sophisticated, and surprisingly contemporary lodge largely isolated in the tropical rainforest Mindo region. Mashpi has been designed as an ideal starting point to discover and exploring biodiversity. Mashpi Lodge offers a private natural reserve accessible only to lodge travellers. It is ideal for people looking for a “luxury” trip to Ecuador in the middle of nature.
Mainly made of bay windows, Mashpi lodge offers a spectacular panoramic forest view from the restaurant or from your room for example. It has contemporary and minimalist decor, mixing warm tones, hints of bright colours, sweep lines, striking angles, and of course a beautiful view! The lodge offers a cozy cocoon made for relaxation, discovery, and peace to the sound of nature.
Capacity: 22 Rooms
– 3 suites Yaku
– 19 Rooms Wayra

ITK Viepoint about Mashpi Lodge:
Mashpi Lodge and Bellavista offer two unique reserves in Mindo if you are passionate about ornithology and want to enjoy this secluded and magical setting, the approach is “animal sighting”, then these two accommodations will be your best options in Mindo. Mashpi is more expensive than Bellavista, but both offer truly exceptional on-site comfort and service.

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