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Santa Ana Introduction

Just minutes away from the Cotopaxi National Park north entrance, Santa Ana is a beautiful recently renovated hacienda to the delight of travelers seeking comfort and tranquillity during their vacation in Ecuador.

Around 1640, the Jesuits settled in this spectacular site, in the Cotopaxi valley, in a place called El Pedregal. This name of these lands is due to the presence of many huge volcanic rocks -because of volcanic eruptions- which are still present in this region of Cotopaxi, El Pedregal means “Valley of the Rocks”.

During their stay, the Jesuits built a farm and a church which now are part of Santa Ana. After the Jesuits were expelled by King Charles III of Spain, the hacienda Santa Ana became the property of politic Ecuadorian characters and was then sold to very wealthy families.

Capacity : 6 Suites

ITK Viewpoint about Santa Ana:
The Santa Ana hacienda received a lot of attention during its renovation, and we particularly appreciate the setting and the calm offered by the very comfortable rooms. The service is good although a bit less proactive than in other local haciendas, but the owner is very involved with travelers and will contribute to your stay with pleasant little touches.

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