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Sacha Lodge introduction

The Sacha Lodge (Sacha means forest in Kichwa), is a lodge wishing to be close to nature and live in perfect harmony with it. Indeed, the Sacha Lodge is located in a private ecological reserve of more than 2000 hectares in the primary Amazon. The lodge offers diversity, and an incredible refuge, for plants and animals. This will allow you to discover all that the Amazon has to offer you in a serene and secure atmosphere.

Capacity: 26 Cabins

ITK Viepoint about Sacha lodge:
Sacha Lodge is a wonderful alternative to Napo Wildlife in Yasuni National Park. The cabins are superb and the charm of the construction will not leave you indifferent. The service is also very good! Its furnished “swimming pool” is a remarkable idea that you will appreciate during your stay in the Amazon.

Standard Cabin: