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Kapawi lodge introduction

Kapawi Ecolodge was established in 1996 and is one of the most remote Amazon lodges in Ecuador. Isolated and accessible only by a small plane that lands on a dirt runway made by the Achuar community, Kapawi lodge is ecologically and culturally responsible. In addition to being powered 100% by solar energy, the Indian community is an integral part of the tourism project, which allows them to benefit from sustainable income.
Upscale lodge with suite and standard cabins, Kapawi lodge will welcome you with professionalism and authenticity.

Capacity : 20 Cabins

ITK Viepoint about Kapawi:
The Kapawi is a separate lodge in the Amazon. It is located in a very remote area, and you will appreciate this isolation in the heart of nature. A real adventure from start to finish, in contact with a charming Indian community! The comfort on site is excellent, and we were able to appreciate the quality of the on-site visits!

Standard Cabin :

Jr. Suite cabin :

Cabana Master Suite :

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