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Hamadryade lodge introduction

Exclusive and luxurious, Hamadryade Lodge is a lodge located in the Ecuadorian secondary Amazon Forest -in Puerto Misahualli- Tena region. A luxury and contemporary lodge, Hamadryade offers a magnificent experience at the edge of the Amazon. Without being overly adventurous, it offers unparalleled comfort. Hamadryade Lodge French owner -Sébastien and Ambre- will welcome you to this lush world.

Capacity : 5 Cabins

ITK Viepoint about Hamadryade:
The Hamadryade is a real favourite for us. One of its owners influenced the cabins construction, magnificent and perfectly integrated into the surrounding nature, instigates a real passion within the lodge. Its swimming pool, its meditation / yoga area and buildings intended for local rituals, as well as its large vegetable garden which is used for preparing meals, left us under the spell! The cabins/bungalows are simply splendid! This intimate lodge is a magnificent option in the secondary Amazon.

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